The 1st fairway at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club


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Location: Luddenham, NSW
Established: 2006
Architect: Graham Marsh
Date Played: 14th November 2010

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73 (Current)

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An old golf buddy had yet to play Twin Creeks G.C.C. so I took the opportunity to revisit this course a year after first playing. This also enabled me to get a few photos for the review as well, as when I originally played, the Top 100 quest had yet to start.

The clubhouse at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

Twin Creeks Clubhouse

This Graham Marsh designed course was completed in 2006, as a part of the Troon group. Located on the outskirts of Sydney (45 minute drive), it incorporates a residential estate. The course was originally a private members only club. In the last year or so this has changed with the public being able to access the club, a good decision to ensure the clubs financial viability.

Course map for Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

Map of Twin Creeks GCC


Scorecard for Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

Scorecard of Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club


The 1st fairway at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

Hole 1 – A sea of bunkers

Hole 1, a medium par 4 at 359 meters, is a good opening hole and should see par, provided you don’t get to aggressive off the tee. Anything left, will catch either the multitude of bunkers or water, whilst right sees on bunker or rough brought into play. Approaches to the green should be directed towards the centre, left still sees bunkers or water come into play, whilst right has quite large swales to contend with. The greens roll true on this course, so taking into consideration the slight undulations, putting should not be an issue.

The 4th green at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

A view looking back from the 4th green

Accuracy of the tee is critical on the fourth hole, par 4. At 395 meter, a narrow fairway surrounded by trees on either side leads to the green. There is plenty of room on the fairway before the trees to but the tee shot must towards the centre, to ensure an approach is possible to the green. Play to either side and shaping of the approach will be required to have any chance to reach the green. The approach has a water hazard to the left through the centre leading up to the green. Sloping from back to front, bunkers front and right and a large swale behind, the green can offer some difficult putts dependent on pin position. This is the first true challenging hole on the course and rated appropriately so.

The 6th tee at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

Hole 6 – A view from the tee of this tough par 3

The second par 3 on the course is hole 6. With 186 meters to contend with, there is no guarantee of a par. The tee shot from the back markers has to contend with a narrow shoot between trees, but all tee shots have to contend with a creek in front, as well as bunkers front and back. The green slopes back to front and is not all that deep. A big carry is required to reach the green, although you can lay up to the right without too much trouble, but have quite a long chip to any pin position on the left. A great part 3 that test your nerves off the tee.

The 9th green at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

Many bunkers to avoid on the 9th par 5

The 12th tee at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

Hole 12 – Risk reward hole, a great short par 4

Hole 12, a great short 309 meter par 4, allows the player two choices with their tee shot. Great open spaces exist down the left to hit the fairway, but then bring into play carry over numerous bunkers to the hole and also narrows the playing area of the green due to its width. Any pin position left will also be hard to attack, with a ridge running through the green from front to back. If you decide to take the green on from the tee, there is a narrow area of fairway to land for anything short, but right is out of bounds and left will see sand come into play. Visually appealing from the tee, but with the right shot an easy birdie.

The 16th tee at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

A very strategic par 4 – Hole 16

Another great strategic hole on the course is 16. 417 meters in length, this par 4 has generous landing area for the tee shot, although too far left sees some heavy rough, and right has a watery grave. But the second shot is where this hole can make or break your score. A tree stands in the middle right of the fairway blocking some of the green so some shaping of the shot maybe required. If playing from the right side of the fairway, the tree is not in play if attacking the green, but with the right side of green having a lake down the side, scuba gear will be required if you come up short. The green slopes back to front with a significant slope, with pin positions at the back not guaranteeing two putts.

The 17th tee at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

Hole 17 – Picturesque Par 3

The 18th green at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

View of the 18th green from the clubhouse

To finish your round you play a 402 meter par 4, rated third hardest on the course. Hole 18 requires some accuracy of the tee to prevent trouble. Along the right out of bounds comes into play, the left has quite a large tree but also water to contend with. For long hitters a bunker will come into play on the fairway leaving a difficult approach to the green. The scene from the fairway is quite picturesque, with water down the left of the green, numerous bunkers surrounding the hole, and the clubhouse sitting right behind the green. A accurate long second shot is required to this green which has a small swale on the right of the green to capture.

My playing partners at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club

Playing partners Joe and Brendan

All up a great course to play. With quite a lot of rain during 2010, I noticed that the course was much greener than in 2009, which made it that much more pleasant. With a short drive from the city and greens fees under $100, this is a course well worth visiting more than once.

You can play Twin Creeks in one of the following ways:

1. With a member, guaranteeing a reasonable tee time
2. During publicly allocated tee times
3. One of the numerous open days the club hold during the year


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