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Aussie Golf Quest Update October 2016

Been a while since my last quarterly update, but better late than never. Starting to get closer now to another major target, after playing 86 courses of my Aussie Golf Quest playing the nations Top 100 Golf Courses. That makes 14 played this year with another 5 to go, reaching my target of 91 played by years end.

The 16th tee at The Cut Golf Club

The Cut Golf Club – 16th Hole

The new Golf Digest list was a slight stumble but I am definitely on track to hopefully reach 100 before the next Top 100 list is released, which will all be dependent on accessing two of the most hardest to access. I’ve mentioned before there are three courses in Australia which are hard to gain access, The Grand Golf Club, Royal Sydney Golf Club and the daddy of them all Ellerston. Fortunately The Grand Golf Club held an open day not long after my last update, so I didn’t hesitate to make last minute arrangements getting to the Gold Coast.

The 19th hole at The Grand Golf Club

The Grand Golf Club – 19th Hole

Since the last update I have managed to play at:

There were a few clubs revisited, allowing some earlier reviews which were missed to find their way on to the site:

The 17th Tee at Kalgoorlie Golf Club

Kalgoorlie Golf Club – 16th Hole

One of the standouts has been Kalgoorlie Golf Club. Quite a task to get to, especially from the east coast, but well worth the effort. Seeing rolls of green fairway along the red dirt, creates a stunning look. Desert golf is amazing, so much in fact that Alice Springs has been pushed up the order (also getting there when it isn’t too hot and wet).

So the remainder of the year I aim to visit the following five courses:

  • Alice Springs Golf Club
  • Royal Sydney Golf Club
  • Cranbourne Golf Club
  • Capricorn Resort Championship Course
  • Sorrento Golf Club

From there it will really be a frantic dash to complete the last nine courses, covering five states, before the next list in March/April 2018 is released.




  1. Can I come play Royal Sydney and Ellerston with you when you get on? haha!
    – an avid follower

    1. Author

      Hi Ryan
      Thanks for following. Would not hesitate to assist people coming along, but I don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Quite a long list for both those courses in getting invites 🙂 I just have to hope that they both don’t fall through. It is quite funny the closer I get to finishing, opportunities seem to arise out of no where.

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