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A man on a quest to play the Australian Top 100 Golf courses


The 18th tee at Cape Wickham Links

Completing The Australian Top 100

How quickly time has passed, being a couple of months since what can only be described as a spectacular journey, completing the Australian top 100 golf courses.
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Golf Australia 2018 Top 100 Golf Courses Released

With the new year comes the new rankings, with Golf Australia 2018 Top 100 golf courses released this month. I read this with great interest now, due to becoming a panel member last year.
Visitor tag at Royal Melbourne Golf Club

AussieGolfQuest Update – 2017 Year in Review

What a year 2017 was. Lots of golf and dreams achieved. Starting the year with 91 played on the Australian Golf Digest List, progress accelerated in the first half. Almost came to a grinding halt during the middle, but finished with a flurry.
Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies
Bobby Jones


The 18th hole at Cape Wickham Links

Cape Wickham Links

The final game to complete the Australian Top 100 Golf course list was at Cape Wickham Links. Located along the norther coastline of King Island, this course has taken the World by storm since its opening.
Coastline at Ocean Dunes

Ocean Dunes

Ocean Dunes, another good course on King Island off the coast of Tasmania, is a must visit. Built along the coastline this takes in some spectacular views with challenging holes, some of which extend inland as well.
The 17th green at Royal Queensland Golf Club

Royal Queensland Golf Club

Whilst in Brisbane to complete the remaining courses on the Top 100 Golf list before heading to Cape Wickham, I decided to revisit Royal Queensland Golf Club.
The 18th fairway at Flinders Golf Club

Flinders Golf Club

After hearing such great things about Flinders Golf Club, we decided to make the journey south. The club is located on the eastern side of Mornington Peninsula, most of the more popular courses are on the western side.
The 10th green at Riversdale Golf Club

Riversdale Golf Club

In an effort to ensure the Australian Top 100 Golf list was completed this year, a visit to Riversdale Golf Club was required. This is the second oldest club in Melbourne.
The 7th green at Woodlands Golf Club

Woodlands Golf Club

An opportunity came up to play Woodlands Golf Club for its foundation day, celebrating 100 years. How could I pass up the chance to play another Sandbelt track celebrating such a milestone.

A man on a quest to play the Australian Top 100 Golf Courses

Starting in 2010, the quest to play the latest published list of Australian Top 100 golf courses has come to the end. I completed both the 2014 and 2016 Golf Digest Australian Top 100 Golf course lists in November 2017.

The conclusion was played at Cape Wickham. Making its debut at number three spot, it only seemed fitting to complete the Australian Top 100 Golf Course list at this magnificent venue. A visit was also made to Ocean Dunes, which is sure to appear in the 2018 list. So yes my ultimate goal has been achieved, but the journey will continue to play future Australian Top 100 Golf course lists. Who knows it may even progress to become a quest to conquer the World Top 100 Golf list.