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A man on a quest to play the Australian Top 100 Golf courses


Set of Hickory Golf Clubs

Hickory Golf

Always having an interest in the history of golf, this started out more with books on some of the first courses or figures who have shaped […]
Visitor tag at Royal Melbourne Golf Club

AussieGolfQuest Update – January 2017

Starting the new year in what will hopefully be the last to complete the 2016 list, a few trips up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia will be taken.
Golf ball in sign of Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017

I hope you have all had a great festive season, not waking today with too much of a hangover, but enjoy a Happy New Year 2017. […]
A first class hole must have the subtleties and strategic problems which are difficult to understand, and are therefore extremely likely to be condemned at first sight even by the best of players
Dr Alistair MacKenzie


The 13th green at Capricorn Resort Golf Course

Capricorn Resort Golf Course

The last really remote location on my Top 100 golf journey was to Capricorn Resort Golf Course, located in North Queensland.
The 8th green at Alice Springs Golf Club

Alice Springs Golf Club

My first trip into the Northern Territory, was to play a Top 100 Golf Course, Alice Springs Golf Club. Most people come to the area to see the beautiful desert landscapes
The 16th tee at The Cut Golf Club

The Cut Golf Club

Heading south of Perth for my last Top 100 golf course in the region, The Cut Golf Club, had me excited for some links play, although I had heard mixed reports about the course.
The 17th Tee at Kalgoorlie Golf Club

Kalgoorlie Golf Course

Playing my last course on the Top 100 golf list for the state of Western Australia, took me out to the Australian desert, visiting Kalgoorlie Golf Course.
The 15th tee at Horsham Golf Club

Horsham Golf Club

Making my first trip to Central Victoria, was the last course in the Top 100 Golf ranking, Horsham Golf Club. This course has been in and out of the rankings for the past few lists.
The 8th hole at Federal Golf Club

Federal Golf Club

It is not often I go to the Nations capital, Canberra. I'm not involved in politics so no real reason to visit. But I did need to keep the numbers ticking over on the top 100 golf list, so a visit to Federal Golf Club was necessary.