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A man on a quest to play the Australian Top 100 Golf courses


Visitor tag at Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Aussie Golf Quest Update October 2016

Starting to get closer now to another major target, after playing 86 courses of my Aussie Golf Quest playing the nations Top 100 Golf Courses.
Logo for Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup 2016

Now that the regular season has come to an end, with four majors, all standing out for their own reasons, we get to one of my favourite events, the Ryder Cup. Shame it is only held once every two years, but this only helps with the excitement leading in.
Guy with pants caught by golf cart falling off

Golfing Youtube Moments

Ever watched one of those funny video clips with golfers and wonder how the hell did they do that? You know the ones, standing on the edge of a water hazard about to hit the ball then the player falls in. Thinking how did they do that?


The 17th Tee at Kalgoorlie Golf Club

Kalgoorlie Golf Course

Playing my last course on the Top 100 golf list for the state of Western Australia, took me out to the Australian desert, visiting Kalgoorlie Golf Course.
The 15th tee at Horsham Golf Club

Horsham Golf Club

Making my first trip to Central Victoria, was the last course in the Top 100 Golf ranking, Horsham Golf Club. This course has been in and out of the rankings for the past few lists.
The 8th hole at Federal Golf Club

Federal Golf Club

It is not often I go to the Nations capital, Canberra. I'm not involved in politics so no real reason to visit. But I did need to keep the numbers ticking over on the top 100 golf list, so a visit to Federal Golf Club was necessary.
Metropolitan Golf Club 6th Fairway

Metropolitan Golf Club

An open day was being held at one of The Melbourne Sandbelts highly rated courses, Metropolitan Golf Club. When ever an opportunity arises to play Top 100 golf courses in the Sandbelt, I jump at the chance.
The 8th fairway at Secret Harbour Golf Links

Secret Harbour Golf Links

Magazine Ratings eading down south to play two courses in the one day, first up was Secret Harbour Golf Links. The course is located around forty […]
The 18th fairway at Terrey Hills Golf Club

Terrey Hills Golf and Country Club

Another opportunity arose to play at Terrey Hills Golf and Country Club, so I didn't hesitate to join. This Top 100 Golf club is set in the hills on the outskirts of the city, the course can prove to be quite challenging.